Support  Transfer Students  with Peer Mentorship

Welcome incoming students with a peer mentor familiar with the transfer process and trained to ensure each new student gets to the right resources. 


Transfer Pathways Are Not Linear

Administrative twists and turns in the transfer process leave students mentally drained amid their studies, a phenomenon known as "Transfer Shock".

Mentor Collective helps get transfer students critical navigational guidance via trained peer mentors while collecting and analyzing data to improve their student experience in real-time.  

Help Seeking 2
Encourage Help-Seeking 

Maximize resource utilization with a network of peer mentors that guide transfer students to services.

Assess Sense of Belonging & Academic Self-Efficacy
See key indicators of term-to-term persistence throughout the year to learn how students are feeling in the moment.

Building a Transfer Receptive Culture

Part of a strong and sustained commitment to transfer student success means acknowledging that higher education has to become more transfer student-ready. 

Peer mentoring leverages your best asset—your students—to provide personalized support throughout the student journey.

Transfer Students

Understand the Intersectionality of Transfer Student Identity

Empower your administrators to gain deeper insight into the transfer student experience.

With 80+ identifiers on the Mentor Collective matching survey and conversation logs between mentors and mentees, you learn what’s most important to your students and the roadblocks they face.

Increasing Resource Utilization at University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Mentor Collective supported UNCG with design and scale of the Transfer2Transfer peer mentorship program. Offering incoming transfer students with a relevant peer mentor that previously transferred into the institution, the program serves more than one-third of the university's transfer student population.

Fall to Fall Retention

Increase in Fall-to-Fall Retention

Using Support

Transfer Students Using Academic Support Services

Mental Health Services

Transfer Students Accessing Wellbeing Support Services

Ready to accelerate your transfer student success strategy?

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