Building a Successful   Mentorship Program 

Increase access to social capital and your capacity to serve students by partnering with a collective of institutions and experts dedicated to making college work for everyone, from the point of admission through post-graduate life.

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How it Works

When you partner with Mentor Collective, you gain access to relationship-centered research, expert-led services and scientifically-backed technology that makes it possible for you to achieve high-quality, large-scale mentorship on your campus.

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Program Design

Intentional program design is the foundation of high-impact mentorship programs.

Mentor Collective’s approach to design is backed by science and focuses on enhancing how you recruit, train, match, engage and assess.


Cater to your participants' communication preferences through technology that engages them where they are and with support from experts that know what works and what’s “next” in mentorship recruitment.

Mentor Collective’s recruiting solutions are meticulously designed, with a blend of automated processes and people-powered services delivering multi-channel recruitment campaigns.

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While anyone can be a mentor, every aspiring mentor does not have active listening, boundary setting, and other skills vital to developing successful mentor relationships.

Mentor Collective offers on-demand training for mentors to build a solid foundation for meaningful, relevant connection with their mentees.


Effective mentorship is driven by intrinsic motivation.

Mentor Collective’s matching solutions pair research-driven algorithms that are informed by program participant surveys with human oversight to ensure the strongest possible mentor and mentee matches.


Engagement Support

Large-scale, structured mentorship programs are labor-intensive and require a wide-range of expertise to be impactful.

All Mentor Collective partners are supported by a dedicated team of mentorship experts who ensure each element of every mentoring program is running effectively.


Grasping the true impact of your mentoring program requires a firm understanding of the leading indicators and key outcomes revealed to you throughout the entire program lifecycle.

Based on your program design and institutional goals, Mentor Collective assesses leading indicators such as sense of belonging and self-efficacy at the start, middle, and end of your program.


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