Grow Engagement.   Foster Belonging. 

Scale authentic peer connections that foster student belonging and provide actionable insights to keep students feeling connected to your campus.


Create a Culture of Connection

Address the loneliness epidemic by helping students build community, strengthen resilience, form relationships, and develop help-seeking behaviors.

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+8.06% Sense of Belonging

Improvement in affirmative responses from the start to end of program

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80 Dimensions of Identity

Matching considerations when students enroll in a Mentor Collective program

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Gain Actionable Insights into Student Belonging

Our research-backed surveys measure your students’ sense of belonging throughout the year. Get alerted to students with low belonging and intervene while you still have time to change a student’s trajectory.

Peer-to-Peer Care Management

Knowing when to act matters. Through our peer mentoring platform, you can identify barriers to success and act intentionally without added administrative burden.

Increase Engagement
Scale Connection

Give students agency with matching surveys accounting for 80+ dimensions of identity

Culture of Care
Administrative Support

Launch your mentorship program obstacle-free with a team of experts ready to do the heavy lifting

Resources On-Demand
On-Demand Resources

Engage students year round with custom reminders and surveys delivered via text message

Data Administration
Inform Action

Uncover how you can better serve specific student cohorts with personalized student-challenge data

Using Mentor Collective to Foster Sense of Belonging

UNCG Case Study_Students

University of North Carolina - Greensboro Increases Sense of Belonging for Transfer Students

Transfer2Transfer peer mentorship program scales to serve one-third of the school's transfer population



Duke Logo
Duke Case Study_Students

How Duke University Supports FGLI Students

Learn how the DukeLIFE program supports first-generation and low-income students through scalable and identity-conscious peer mentorship



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OCC Case Study_Students

Onondaga Community College Fosters Belonging & Culture of Care with Peer Mentorship

Peer and alumni mentorship increases sense of belonging & academic self-efficacy for diverse student community



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