Mentor Collective White Papers on Mentorship

Learn how mentorship can make a difference for your students and your institution with our latest impact reports, analyses, and white papers.

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EdTech For Equity: Scaling Peer Mentorship to Close Postsecondary Equity Gaps

An exploration of how peer mentorship edtech is scaling at two- and four-year postsecondary institutions to bridge equity gaps in retention and generate greater sense of belonging for historically underserved students.

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Mentorship, Engagement, and Fall to Spring Retention

Read this white paper to find out:
- How mentorship builds sense of belonging among undergraduate students
- How mentorship and sense of belonging can help a student persist through their crucial first year of college
- How mentored students were 30% more likely to persist from term to term than their non-mentored peers
- How just three conversations with a mentor makes a student significantly more likely to persist

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The Impact of Peer Mentorship on College Enrollment

Learn how mentorship prevents summer melt and helps schools enroll a diverse class.

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Career Decision Self-Efficacy & Career Development Outcomes in Mentor Collective Career Programs, 2020-21

Mentor Collective Career Programs increase student career-decision self-efficacy by 12.09% and career development outcomes by 11.46%

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