Mitigate  Summer Melt 

Leverage your best asset, your current students, to welcome admitted students to your institution and get them ready for success before day one.


Ensure Admitted Students Enroll and Persist

Prevent students from getting lost in the admissions-to-advising handover by connecting students with peer mentors to help them prepare to start class.

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+62% Deposit

Average deposit rate of admitted students who exchange more than 8 SMS with a peer mentor

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-30% Melt

Average effect on melt reduction across five partner institutions

Mentor Mentee Conversation Enrollment

Gain Actionable Insights to Drive Enrollment

The majority of students who drop out in their first year are considering that decision within the first six weeks of the semester. Uncover roadblocks on students' path to matriculation and set them up for long-term success at your institution.

Resources In-Hand & On-Demand

College students spend an average of 94 minutes per day texting. Mentor Collective integrates this native behavior into peer mentorship programs to reach more students, increase participation, and engage students with configurable reminders and surveys throughout the student lifecycle.

Resources On-Demand
Simplify Onboarding

Empower students with the advice they need to enroll, register for classes, and navigate higher education

Culture of Care
Build Belonging

Make every student feel like part of your institution before day one with a relevant peer mentor

Optimize Administrative
Support at Scale

Connect students with vital information and resources without adding to administrative workload

Supercharge SS
Increase Access

Support a diverse incoming class with student-driven matching and configurable program design

Using Mentor Collective to Support Admissions

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Pacific University Oregon Students (2)

Pacific University Drives Enrollment with Peer Support

How Pacific University made the admissions process personal for all incoming students


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UW Madison Case Study_Students

UW - Madison Increases Intent to Enroll with Peer Mentorship

Peer mentors encourage enrollment & ease first-year anxiety for admitted students


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Student Steps

The Impact of Peer Mentorship on College Enrollment

How mentorship prevents summer melt & helps schools enroll a diverse class


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