Supporting  Community Colleges  with Peer Mentorship

Leverage the power of peers to uplift each community college student’s trajectory and gain a better understanding of the experience your two-year institution provides.


Open Access to Student Success

Two-year institutions serve the most demographically and socioeconomically diverse students across higher education.

Mentor Collective ensures students have a relevant peer mentor to help guide them…and that administrators have the data and capacity to address prominent barriers to success.

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Improved Student Engagement

Configurable matching surveys account for 80 dimensions of student identity and affinity to provide every student with a relevant mentor.

Real-Time Assessment Data
  • Outcomes Framework that includes frequent sense of belonging and academic self-efficacy assessment.
  • Program Intelligence Chart that tracks participation and peer interactions by general cohort and sub-population.
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Finding Mentors at Community Colleges

When students manage many commitments simultaneously, finding a pool of peer mentors can seem impossible.

Our team takes on mentor recruiting efforts. Mentoring with Mentor Collective provides a flexible way for students and recent alumni to keep connected with their college and build critical leadership skills to boost their resume.

72% of community college alumni express an interest in staying engaged with their alma mater.

Enhance Advising and Support Services with Unique Student Insights

Lagging census data and high advisor caseloads exacerbate existing hurdles in strategic planning.

Mentor Collective gives institutions real-time data on barriers to course completion, via peer mentor-logged interactions. Mapped across the year, administrators have the opportunity to get to the right student, with the right resources, at the right time.

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Using Mentor Collective to Further Community College Missions

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Saddleback College Narrows Equity Gaps with Peer Mentorship

16 percent gain in spring-to-fall persistence for students participating in the Mentor Collective program


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Onondaga Community College Fosters Belonging & Culture of Care with Peer Mentorship

Peer and alumni mentorship increases sense of belonging & academic self-efficacy for diverse student community


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