Enhancing Your Student  Mentor Recruitment  Strategy

Achieve maximum engagement among your target student populations through a blend of automated and people-supported recruitment services that are driven by field-tested best practices.

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Recruiting at Mentor Collective

Cater to your students’ communication preferences through technology that engages them where they are.

Mentor Collective’s recruiting solutions are meticulously designed, with a blend of automated processes and people-powered services delivering multi-channel recruitment campaigns.

Engage at Scale


University of California, Riverside designed a Mentor Collective program to build sense of belonging amid remote learning that launched in 2020. The program not only helped first-year students navigate the "hidden curriculum" of higher education, but also complemented a suite of student services already available at the institution:

• - Remote learning resource site
• ScottyBot - Site-based chat bot
• - Referral hub for student supports & information

Once back on campus the following academic year, the program continued, doubled in size and engagement increased exponentially. 

UCR Program Participation
UCR Engagement
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Galvanize Your Community

Finding volunteer mentors is less about awakening altruists on campus than it is about providing them the means to activate their desire to do more good.

In fact, many of our partners are surprised by how many of their students jump at the chance to be a mentor.

Reach Students Who Could Benefit Most from Mentorship

Field-tested email and text messaging campaigns are configured to your institution’s goals to maximize engagement among target student populations and students who would not otherwise have sought out support.

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