Research-Backed  Program Outcomes  

Mentor Collective's assessment tools allow you to understand how students feel in the moment and give opportunities to intervene when it matters most. 


Program Assessment at Mentor Collective

With our platform, there's no waiting until the end of your program to learn something new and important about your student populations.

Based on your unique program's timeline, you gain access to insights from logged mentorship interactions and micro surveys measuring leading indicators of persistence – including sense of belonging and academic self-efficacy.


Partner Dashboard

The Partner Dashboard offers real-time engagement tracking and reporting, with data you can use to make decisions.


Flags from mentors alert school leadership when a mentee is experiencing a serious challenge, such as housing insecurity, academics, or financial stress.

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Survey Instruments

Research-backed survey instruments created from scientifically validated surveys help tie your mentoring program to broader institutional goals such as sense of belonging and academic self-efficacy.

How We Help Higher Education

Learn how the Mentor Collective platforms helps institutions of higher learning meet their goals and the needs of their students.

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