the mentee experience

Connect with a trained mentor from your school by letting us know what’s most important to you in a match; for example: 

  • Career interests
  • Major
  • Life experiences 

Communicate with your mentor in ways that work for both of you, whether it’s videochatting, texting, meeting for coffee, or a combination. Common discussion topics include:

  • Career
  • Work-school-life balance
  • Academic success
  • Personal growth


"My top two goals I set with [my mentor are] creating a digital portfolio and networking more with professionals. I think what she told me about taking advantage of my student status made me curious about how far I can go with talking to strangers, so I set goals for myself to email UX professionals that peak my interest."

Jamie, Mentee at Indiana University


"This mentorship has really helped me get organized before orientation. It's going great and I feel much more prepared."

Jonathan, Mentee at Tufts University



"My mentor and I have shared one email each and I am honestly so grateful for the fact that she took the time to write back to me, and not just briefly but quite elaborately. I know it sounds a little silly because she is my mentor under a program, but I appreciate the time she took to respond already. Also, I already feel like we will be able to connect about so many different things from what I have learned about her so far - so I'm really impressed by the system/procedure that matches the mentors with mentees!"

Avni, Mentee at Indiana University



"This mentorship has been helpful with navigating college life. Kristen helped me answer the question of how to transition to life after college."

Jordan, Mentee at WashU in St. Louis


How can I get the most out of my mentorship experience?

  • Think carefully about the areas you most want to improve, and communicate those clearly to your mentor
  • Learn about your mentor’s background and ask about the connections and experience that are most interesting to you
  • Give your mentor feedback

My school invited me to join MC, but I don’t think I need a mentor. What should I do?

Mentors can help you delve deeper into an academic interest, career field, or activity that you already excel at, whether it’s finding an internship, getting a promotion, succeeding in an advanced class, or being elected to a leadership role.

I’m an adult student, and I’d like to be matched with someone who shares my experience. Is this possible?

Yes! Many of our mentors are or were adult students. You can indicate this preference on your matching survey during the sign-up process.

What kind of preparation do mentors get?

  • Videochat training with a specialized MC trainer
  • Information on key resources at your school
  • Ongoing support from the Mentor Collective team as well as coordinators on campus

What if I don’t like my mentor?

We encourage you to try a few conversations with your mentor to get a sense of the areas they can be helpful with, but if you aren’t comfortable in your mentorship for any reason, email right away and we will connect you with a new mentor.

What qualities will my mentor and I have in common?

  • As part of the sign-up process you’ll take a matching survey indicating what common traits are most important to you
  • Many students prioritize common academic interests, career experiences, life challenges or personal background.

I have an idea for how Mentor Collective could serve me and my school better. How do I share that feedback?

Mentee feedback is essential to the MC program. Please email us at with any feedback - we would love to learn from you.

Can I become a mentor myself?

Yes. Many of the best MC mentors are former mentees. Depending on your school, you might be invited to participate as a mentor as an upperclass student, or as an alumnus/a.

When will I be matched?

It varies by school, but matching usually occurs on a rolling basis. We try our best to match you as soon as possible, but sometimes we decide to wait until a great fit becomes available. For further details, get in touch with us at

What counts as a “conversation?”

Throughout your mentorship, we ask you and your mentor to log your conversations on our website or through our automated texts. But what counts as a conversation? It can be:

  • 1 phone call
  • 1 videochat session
  • 1 email exchange
  • 1 in-person “interaction” (grabbing coffee, spending 10 minutes talking before class, etc.)
  • 2+ text messages exchanged within 1 day

If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask us at Logging conversations helps your school gauge whether the program is helping students, and how to help them better!

I’m having trouble with the website. What should I do?

Send us an e-mail at or text us at (617) 340 - 3014


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