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As the demand for STEM professionals continues to rise, so does the opportunity for diverse student populations to fill that need. Unfortunately, the path for many of these students - including women, first-generation low-income, and underrepresented minority students - isn’t an easy one. 

These students often persist at a lower rate in STEM degrees, lack access to successful role models in the classroom, lab or corporation, and have limited social capital leading to fewer career opportunities.

One of the most effective ways shown to bridge the gap? Personal, relevant mentorship.

On August 28th, 2018 WashU in St. Louis’ Dean for the School of Engineering & Applied Science, Dr. Aaron Bobick, and Indiana University’s Director for the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology, Dr. Maureen Biggers, joined Mentor Collective Co-Founder and CEO Jackson Boyar in a discussion about how they are connecting students with their community of peer students and alumni to bolster representation and connection through intentional, large-scale mentoring programs.

The webinar highlighted:

  • The successful mentorship models being used by Indiana University and WashU in St. Louis

  • How students benefit from relevant, holistic support outside of their advisor, TA, faculty and PI relationships

  • Actionable advice and best practices for creating and scaling mentorship programs

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