Founded in research and driven by efficacy

Mentor Collective is committed to developing student success interventions that consistently deliver outcomes for institutions and their students. As a young company, we are actively seeking research partners and opportunities to conduct randomized control studies (RCTs), assessing the impact of our work.

The below white papers are a consolidation of key best practices in academic literature. In the 2017-18 academic year, Mentor Collective has engaged multiple higher education partners and researchers to examine:

  • The important of race and ethnicity in mentor matching
  • The impact of peer mentorship on mental health and sense of belonging
  • Our intervention's impact on student self-efficacy (residential and online adult learners)
  • Our intervention's impact on international student satisfaction and retention
  • Our intervention's impact on first-year retention rates (follow-up study to our 2016-17 RCT, demonstrating +4.5% retention)

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Running an Effective Mentorship Program

Mentorship for Women in STEM

Mentorship and Student Success Strategies

Control Trial Review: The Impact of Peer Mentorship on Student Success

Best Practices for Student Retention Programs

Importance of Personalized International Student Support