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We know each learner is unique

Helping adult and online learners feel connected to their institution is hard. Students are often balancing work, life, and academics.

Mentor Collective creates mentorship programs customized for the unique needs of adult and online students. Peer and alumni mentors are deeply familiar with the challenges students face and can keep students grounded in their broader academic and professional ambitions.

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Create Connection & Community

It is challenging for adult and online learners to find socioemotional support and utilize school resources when they are not physically present on a campus or working during standard operating hours.

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Increase Academic Success

We help you improve your students’ academic success by matching every student with a trained mentor who will provide individual support.

Engage Your Alumni

Online and adult alums are particularly excited to support their fellow learners. Give your alumni an opportunity to celebrate their skills and your institution.


Scaling Personalized Support For Online & Adult Learners

Most of my noteworthy experiences so far at Berklee aren’t based on textbook readings or exercises, but the random messages that resonate with me. [My mentor] has been a great person to ask deep questions to and he gives really impactful insight on all topics of life, school, and music.
— Anthony, Mentee, Berklee Online

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