“I had a very negative experience as an on campus student as an 18-22 year old at a different university,  but my time as an adult learner in an online program gave me a new perspective on education and started a new career. I want to help others by providing the support I lacked and helping them to avoid the pitfalls that may have made along the way.”

- Ned, Mentor at Northeastern's College of Professional Studies

“I started college following high school but never graduated. My eldest daughter wanted to drop out of college so we agreed that I would return and obtain a degree and she would stay in school and finish. We both graduated! That experience was rewarding for me and I thought that mentoring someone through the CPS process would provide a similar rewarding experience.”

- Gerald, Mentor at Northeastern's College of Professional Studies

“We talked about ways to improve the disconnect feeling online students sometimes have. His experience with online learning enabled him to offer advice such as using meet up or video chatting with classmates nearby to help build my community. I appreciated receiving practical advice in a down to earth way.“

-Zuri, Mentee at Northeastern's College of Professional Studies

“The program and school offered me a significant challenge, one I wasn't sure I could complete. After many late nights (it was the CPS fast track online program) I graduated summa cum lauded with a degree in Organizational Communication while working full time with 3 year-old twins at home. I believe I have a unique perspective on what it takes to get over the finish line.”

-Christopher, Mentor at Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies