Where do I apply?

What are the prizes?

First place receives...

  • $1000 disbursed to your school in your name (to help pay for your education costs)
  • An optional call with the MC founders
  • Spotlight feature on our blog and social media

Second place receives...

  • An optional call with the MC founders Spotlight feature on our blog and social media

Third place receives...

  • Spotlight feature on our blog and social media

Am I eligible?

  • Are you a current mentor or mentee in the Mentor Collective program?
  • Are you currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at your institution and planning to be enrolled June 2019-May 2020? (This includes current first years, sophomores, and juniors. This does not include current seniors.)
  • If you answered 'yes' to both those questions, you are eligible to enter the scholarship competition

What are the rules for entry?

There are two different prompts you may choose to use for your entry. You may only choose one:

Option #1: School Survival Guide

  • Submit a guide for new students to succeed at your institution. Get creative! It can be submitted in any form: written, video, graphic presentation, website, or anything in between. We encourage you to use whatever tools you have (you won't be judged on video quality, for example) to make a creative, engaging, and useful guide.
  • Your guide must include some kind of "insider information" - advice new students at your institution might not know or hear right away.
  • Your guide must also include information about mentorship and Mentor Collective.

Option #2: Mentor of the Year

  • If you're a mentee, this is your chance to not only be creative, but to celebrate your mentor too!
  • Interview your mentor - find out more information about them and what makes them interesting. You can ask them any questions you want that will help you with the next step...
  • Submit a video highlighting how incredible your mentor is and why they should be considered "Mentor of the Year." Get creative!
  • Your video must contain information about your mentor and about how your mentor has helped you.

In addition to answering the prompt, you must sign you agree to our Media Release terms (can be found in the linked entry form). Submissions without this will not be considered.

What are entries judged on?

  • Creativity
  • Fully answering the prompt
  • Submission includes mentions of mentorship and/or Mentor Collective
  • Entries will not be judged on video picture quality, nor length alone

What is the timeline?

  • Decisions made: January 31, 2019
  • Winners notified and prizes disbursed (check mailed to school, outreach for social media spotlights, etc.): Spring 2019