Career Development Programs

give your students more than an alumni database

Career support services face challenges of high student demand and low staff capacity while online networking platforms fail to generate meaningful engagement. 

Mentor Collective provides your students with a trained mentor in your network to offer career support and help them make the most of their time in school to identify their goals and create a plan to develop their career.

school impact

Increase Career Preparation

Mentors provide students with hands-on support through the career process and help students take advantage of professional opportunities.

Expand Career Services

Career service advisors are responsible for an average of 1,700 students. Mentorship adds an additional layer of support for both career changers and students getting their first job.

Personalized Guidance

Pair students with a personalized mentor to provide career support that is specific to each students’ interests and goals.

We have seen some exciting outcomes for our students in terms of helping them manage career opportunities and personalizing support for our women and underrepresented minority populations.
— Dr. Aaron Bobbick, Dean, Washington University in St. Louis

Ready to Give your students a career mentor?

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