Alumni-Focused Programs

Engage your alums on more than just a platform

Alumni are often interested in giving back, but young alums may not be able to, financially.

Mentor Collective helps your alumni give back through mentorship. We pair current students with an alumni who can offer support and is invested in your students’ success. Alumni are able to share career advice and valuable insight while developing their skills to become better professionals and leaders.

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Engage Your Alumni Network

Give your alums a unique way to engage and give back to your institution. Help your alums remain connected to your community from anywhere in the world.

Offer Leadership Opportunities

For young alums, mentorship offers an opportunity share career advice and valuable insight, and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders.

Update Your Database

Stay up to date on how your alums are engaging with the program and your students on our live dashboard.

I’m a Director of Software Architecture and Systems Engineering at AT&T. I’m also the VP of Mentoring for our Employee Network, Advocates for Women in Tech, so I know the power of mentoring. My sessions with my mentee have been inspiring. We’ve covered topics such as difficult conversations, integrity, public speaking, and time management.
— Heather Robinett, Mentor, Washington University in St. Louis

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